About the Author

Carol Ann Langford

Carol emphasizes skillful communication, elevated emotional intelligence,  and positive relationships in achieving business goals. Companies served include Korn Ferry Int’l, Deloitte, PWC, Hartford Health Care, Capital One, Amazon, Fidelity,  ImageThink, Pfizer, SeatGeek, Mother-in-law’s Kimchi, Capital for Climate, Tregaron Capital, and more.

Carol specializes in Leadership Communication, Executive Presence, Emotional Intelligence, Intention-Setting, Inquiry and Active Listening, Influencing and Persuasion, Conflict Transformation,  Neuroscience based performance enhancement, mindfulness.

The Speed of Passion

How Relationship-Based Leadership Drives Innovation

Carol Langford

Looking to up-level your corporate business relationships? 

Author Carol Ann Langford’s vivid, entertaining storytelling rocks the leadership development house with a treasure chest of smart mechanisms that unlock business relationship magic in this engaging book’s exploration of 21st century corporate leadership development. 

These crucial skills include stakeholder-focused messages that motivate natural delivery, trust-enhancing interaction with coworkers and employees, graceful conflict transformation, heart-brain intentionality, mindfulness, and imagination toward elevated aspiration. 

The Speed of Passion: How Relationship-Based Leadership Drives Innovationushers you directly into the corporate offices where you get to be present for the intimate, challenging, and uplifting coaching conversations hosted by Carol Ann. 

In this guide, you will discover and learn: 

engagement, enrich company culture 

  • Business vision and ownership, executive presence, action-oriented and persuasive communication 
  • Authentic leadership that honors your true voice, values, vision, contribution 
  • Strengthened relationships which deepen trust, activate stakeholder 
  • Neuro-science-based models and practices that elevate human performance, 

meaning, enjoyment 

  • Intentional goal fulfillment that drives customer satisfaction and triple bottom 

line profits 

Unleashing highest human leadership potential for optimal, elevated business outcomes remains Carol Ann’s primary objective and she fulfills it with humor and decades of experience, awakening a conscious, intentional human presence in the evolving 21st century business world.