About the Author

Mario Godiva

Mario Godiva is a world-renowned fitness, health, and mindfulness coach who’s passionate about holistic mind, body, and personal transformation. His specialty is helping people get unstuck physically, mentally, and emotionally. With over 20 years of experience, Godiva has been tapped as an expert and featured in over 100 TV/Media appearances and interviews such as The New York Times, ABC Nightline, and CNN just to name a few.  

Godiva’s clients are a combination of celebs, entrepreneurs, executives, athletes, and the average person. His countless programs have helped thousands of people increase their energy, get unstuck, and increase their overall well-being. Godiva lives between Los Angeles and San Diego where he continues to expand his reach training #InnerAthletes to build resiliency, one short interval at a time. For more information about Godiva and his work, go to Mariogodiva.com 

Frozen Not Broken

Master Your Stress and Activate Rapid Self-Healing

Mario Godiva

After being in septic shock and being given a week to live by his doctors, Mario Godiva went from stage four cancer to complete remission in fifty days. 

In his debut book Frozen, Not Broken, Godiva asserts that his remission was not a miracle, but a result of hard work, micro mindfulness, and self-healing strategies that he continues to use and recommend to his health coaching clients to this day. Now in a world seeking more guidance about health, he shares all his healing secrets with the global audience in this combined memoir and instructive wellness action plan. 

Do you experience unchecked stress, anxiety, or overwhelming adversity that feels insurmountable? Are you drowning in negative patterns, wanting to change, but are uncertain how to surface for air? Are you experiencing one health issue after another or even suffering from chronic health issues that keep you on the elliptical of symptom management with rotating cocktails of pills? Do you simply want to up your wellness game and be the best version of you but feel paralyzed by your personal circumstances? Then you may be frozen, and this book is a must-read for you. 

Mario Godiva debuts and details his own theory of Interval Mindfulness(TM), an interval-based approach to relaxation, meditation, and stress-relief for people who have a hard time calming their mind. Synthesizing the best parts of mindfulness, interval training methodology, breathwork, polyvagal theory, and more, Interval Mindfulness(TM) is a simple, neutral, and easy to implement practice for everyone. The various Innervals(TM) (inner intervals) make wellness accessible by cultivating awareness in an easy, micro, and novel way, through short intervals lasting mere minutes a day. 

A regular practice of Interval Mindfulness(TM) will: 

  • Quickly lower your anxiety, stress, and negativity in an active way 
  • Help calm your mind and slow down rumination 
  • Train you to do traditional meditation and mindfulness for longer periods of time 
  • Increase your creativity, concentration, and efficiency 
  • Increase feelings of inner peace, calm, and gratitude 
  • Help you shift faster from a stressed to relaxed state 

This is not your typical fitness influencer touting manifestation and green juices for an overnight cure, however. Godiva’s story does not come from a place of ultimate privilege. Instead, his narrative arises from a deeply traumatic childhood, a damaging cycle of mistreatment as an up-and-coming fitness guru, and the marginalization of being a Black man in America. 

In addition to battling cancer, Godiva fights through America’s incessant hustle and suffer culture, enduring over 20 medical errors, and the added challenge of racism in the medical industrial complex. Through his struggles, it becomes painfully clear that doctors do not have his best interest in mind. The only advocate he can truly trust is himself. 

The witty author holds nothing back in this vulnerable record of a journey from a wounded upbringing to fitness guru glory, through stage four cancer and rapid self-healing, and finally to thriving physically, mentally, and spiritually in a way he never dreamt he could. 

Now, Mario Godiva and his new Interval Mindfulness(TM) practice are here to help you master your stress, get unstuck, and activate rapid self-healing. Be warned that Godiva won’t go easy on you, though. He isn’t afraid to call out oppressive systems or your own unhealthy patterns that are holding you back from ultimate wellness. He will challenge you to get out of your own way and encourage you to step into your own power and best health. 

In the end, the message is a hopeful one: you are frozen, not broken, and this book will give you the first steps to shedding that icy skin and healing for the long term.