The 5 Dualities of Diversity and Inclusion

Monica Diaz

What’s beyond the promise and aspiration of diversity and inclusion? Let’s move from good intentions to real impact! 
Enter From Intent to Impact,” a book by seasoned diversity and inclusion executive and expert, Monica Diaz. She has formulated strategies, designed plans and implemented programs that transformed organizations and yielded breakthrough results. In this book, Monica describes how leaders and companies can identify what is truly driving their behavior when they intend to leverage diversity and inclusion to drive business impact. She also outlines a non-traditional practical application of these learnings, to give leaders a different approach on how to truly transform mindsets and dramatically evolve work environments. Monica named her unique D&I model: “The 5 Dualities of Diversity and Inclusion,” which are: 
1) Connect and Learn 2) Think and Know 3) Risk and Invest 4) Pain and Possibility 5) Perform and Innovate 
Join Monica as she shares experiences, insights, research and practical recommendations for executives, managers and employees. This book is for anyone committed to building better work environments powered by human differences. It shows readers how to leverage the impactful dualities that can catapult a different way to think, act, and create more collaborative and inclusive environments that differentiate the best from the rest of places to work. 
Be Bold! Make the 5 dualities of diversity and inclusion part of your strategy and take your organization from INTENT to IMPACT! 

About the Author

Monica Diaz

Monica Diaz has followed her heart into the D&I career, to passionately create the change that others aspire to achieve. With over 25 years as a thought and practice leader, speaker, coach, mentor, and trusted advisor, she has held executive leadership positions at some of the world’s leading companies, including Merck, Microsoft, and ESPN (part of The Walt Disney Company).  

Monica’s mission has been and continues to be to empower leaders at all levels in business, to transform their organization’s culture and lead with a focus on impact. She shares her powerful expertise and insights with organizations that seek to build TODAY the bold and inclusive cultures of tomorrow. 

Monica has been recognized with a 2022 Literary Titan award, Leader of Team Innovation, honored with Multicultural Leadership awards and praised as one of the Top 10 leaders and Top 50 influencers in the Hispanic executive community. 

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